End Point Management

End Point Management

Protect and Manage Every Device in your Organization

End Point Management Solutions designed to meet the demands of today’s modern workforce

Protect and Manage Every Device in your Organization

End Point Management Solutions designed to meet the demands of today’s modern workforce

What is End Point Management

What is End Point Management

End point management is the process of identifying and managing a user’s key users and/or devices in an enterprise. When done correctly, end point management can decrease support costs by improving asset inventory visibility, providing better control over user configuration settings, enhancing emotional health with targeted employee coaching and developing business-centric strategies to improve efficiency through a more efficient use of IT assets.

Our End Point Management Solutions


End Point Discovery


Patch for Endpoint


Package Deployment


Remote Control


Software License Compliance

os provisioning

Ivanti OS Provisioning

applicaton control

Ivanti Application Control


Ivanti Report

End Point Discovery

If you are running a business and you want to keep your endpoints and networks secure, it is important to know what hardware and software is being used. That is where Ivanti Endpoint Discovery comes in. Our Endpoint Discovery is available in perpetual or subscription model and can be used with any device discovery solution.

With End Point Discover, you can:

  • Determines what users and endpoints connect to the network.
  • Provides dashboards and reports allowing IT connect, and what software is installed on them?
  • Distributes software or provision operating systems across to proactively act on issues and trends.

Patch for Endpoint


Patch for Endpoint Manager can swiftly detect vulnerabilities in Windows, Mac OS, Linux and hundreds of third-party apps (Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, and more) and deploy expertly pre-tested patches everywhere you need them. Patch for Endpoint Manager is ideal for businesses with multiple systems that need to be patched quickly and consistently.

With Patch for Endpoint Manager, you can:

  • Suspend and resume patching on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and hundreds of third-party apps (Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers).

  • Automate consistent policies for patching all assets.

  • Detect and remediate OS and third-party app vulnerabilities on various systems.

  • Deploy pre-tested patches patch at the right time under the right conditions to minimize the impact on users.

Package Deployment

With Ivanti Endpoint Manager, you can deploy applications and update software on a large scale to hundreds or thousands of endpoints. The process is managed by a single console, which includes features such as policies, approvals, task scheduling, and reporting.

With our Package development, you can:

  • Ensure that critical applications are always up-to-date and protected from viruses
  • Automate the deployment of software across your network
  • Quickly deploy software updates without waiting for individual users to approve the installation

Remote Control


Whether you are in the office or on-the-go, the Ivanti Remote Control helps you resolve issues quickly, anywhere from any device.

The Ivanti Remote Control provides a secure environment for managing your IT infrastructure, allowing you to:

  • Analyse systems and resolve problems

  • Reduce desk-side visits

  • Control nearly any desktop remotely from any device

  • Browser based access and support users anywhere on demand

Software license compliance

Ivanti Endpoint Manager provides extensive data about managed and unmanaged devices through industry-leading discovery and inventory technology. Allowing you to gain a deep understanding of your network, device inventory, and application usage, IEM helps you identify problems before they happen and keep your business running smoothly.

Our EPM service helps from Software compliance fines and over-purchasing licenses

  • Failing to meet corporate service level agreements
  • Security vulnerabilities on end-user devices
  • Excessive energy bills to leave your system plugged in whether you are using them or not.

Ivanti OS Provisioning


Provisioning uses automation to apply this set of attributes and features to the devices. With provisioning, you can reduce downtime and ensure new devices are reliable and predictable when they go into your production environment.

Provisioning is also very useful for OS migration. You can capture a profile from a previous OS and then deploy a new OS with the same profile and previously installed software applications.

Ivanti Application Control

Allows you to manage application access and user privileges across your desktop and server estate with low administration overhead through an extensive and flexible rules engine.

Reduces risk and helps achieve compliance by protecting against ransomware, targeted attacks, zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats, and malicious code that tries to execute in your environment.


Ivanti Reports


Ivanti Reports is the ultimate reporting tool for IT professionals. It can be used to generate detailed reports that provide critical information about the devices on your network.

With Ivanti Reports, you can:

  • Generate detailed reports that provide critical information about the devices on your network.

  • Produce trend reports that help you keep track of how your network has changed over time.

  • Monitor the health of your PC and Mac clients by creating a backup plan based on their use patterns.

Endpoint Management Key Benefits

  • Discover devices and software assets quickly which increase IT productivity by 80%
  • Empower IT Administrators to automate provisioning of devices and software deployments which helps quickly fix users issues.
  • With Remote Control you can analyse systems, resolve problems, and reduce desk-side visits.
  • Dashboards and Reporting Integrate business and IT data into visual dashboards—no coding or BI experts needed.
  • We reduce silos and create efficiencies with better data insights, collaboration, and reduction of redundant, manual work, increasing IT staff productivity by 57%.
  • Unplanned costs of audit violations are avoided through near-time effective license position reporting and reclamation saves $72 per user annually.
  • We mitigate up to 95% of intrusions with discovery, whitelisting, patch and privilege management, and secure configuration.
  • Reduce software-deployment time up to 95% by automating software packaging and provisioning tasks
  • Decrease patch-installation time by up to 80% to reduce security vulnerabilities
  • End users are more productive through autonomous use of self-service and automation capabilities. End user downtime decreased by 61% and a savings of $137 per user.