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IPA is a key lever for clients digital transformation initiative. Part of the allure of automation using RPA is the ease with which automation may be implemented. Top IPA providers offer some simple solutions designed to let someone with a few hours of training and limited or no development experience automate basic daily tasks. However, that’s the simplest flavor of RPA. As with any other aspect of digital transformation, clients need a broader plan for RPA’s role. Cogniwize helps clients address issues such as:

  1. Strategic alignment of the IPA program with overall digital transformation strategy
  2. IPA Governance
  3. IPA Program Management
  4. Organizational change management
  5. Well-defined success metrics
  6. Dedicated focus

To ensure success, IPA initiatives require skilled resources, a robust governance model and controls framework, and well-defined deployment and production management processes. These capabilities take time, effort, and focus to develop and should be carefully accounted for while planning a digital transformation strategy.

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Consulting-led approach to define a clear roadmap in terms of how, what and where to start your automation journey

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Agile and fit-for-purpose model to quickly scale from a pilot into an org-wide RPA program

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Managed RPA

Digital Workforce Governance Model to ensure seamless Bot execution and support, focused on cost and performance optimization

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With Cogniwize organizations can improve their digital transformation roadmap with RPA technologies and automate repetitive tasks with ease.


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