CHERWELL IT Asset Management

Key Capabilities and Features

Hardware and Software Inventory

Take the guesswork out of what’s installed across your network with powerful IT asset discovery and inventory reporting.

License Compliance Management

Proactively monitor your license inventory and usage to correct deficits before an audit.

ITAM Purchasing System with Cherwell

Consolidate IT procurement and licensing information and reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets.

Software Usage Analysis

Reclaim 15-20% of your annual software budget through license re-allocation and optimization.

Ensure Compliance with Proactive Management

Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) is designed to help manage and control your IT software assets and licenses. By integrating all the data related to hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements, and IT purchases, you can seamlessly track and manage IT investments throughout their lifecycle from purchase to retirement.

Benefits of Cherwell IT Asset Management

Run ITAM where you plan, service, and operate
IT—on one platform, one data model, one architecture

Connect information and people with process
workflows. Bring teams together for seamless
collaboration at each stage of the asset
lifecycle, from procurement to retirement.

Minimize waste throughout the asset lifecycle
by optimizing software licenses, tracking
hardware asset costs, managing cloud resources,
and reducing IT compliance risk.

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