This mApp is designed to fulfill the requirements to handle re-occurring tasks. This mApp provides functionality to the manager to configure and assign the re-occurring tasks to team/individual. It includes the dashboard for managers and technicians to view the request statistics for them. This mApp enables the system to trigger reminder and follow-up email to the technician based on the configuration.

Key Features

Key Features mApp

How the mApp Works?

After mApp is applied, the manager can define re-occurring tasks by providing task details, the frequency of re-occurrence, Start Date and End Date of the task. The tasks are auto-created based on configured parameters until the End Date of re-occurrence.
The task gets auto-assigned to the responsible team/individual and they will get an email notification. Team/individual can also see the tasks on their Dashboard. The dashboard includes the widgets like Total no of unassigned tasks, Unassigned tasks scheduled in next week, Tasks owned by my Team etc.
How the mApp Works?
Upon completion of the task, Manager will get an email notification of the same. In case of non-completion of the task before X days of task Due Date, the responsible team/individual gets a reminder email.
The mApp also enables CSM system to generate the reports for the tasks based on different parameters like Date Range, Task Status, for single of all tasks etc.

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