Service Virtualization and DevOps

Service Virtualization and DevOps

Increase the Test Rate with Service Virtualization in DevOps

Achieve DevOps goals by eliminating barriers that obstruct responses from key systems during testing

Increase the Test Rate with Service Virtualization in DevOps

Achieve DevOps goals by eliminating barriers that obstruct responses from key systems during testing

Increase Developer Velocity with Service Virtualization

In simple terms, service virtualization is the process of creating a virtual copy of a dependent system. This might be done for a number of reasons, but in a DevOps context, it is usually done in order to allow development and testing to proceed in an isolated environment. By having a realistic copy of the system, they are depending on, teams can avoid the delays and disruptions that come from waiting on access to the real thing

Service Virtualization in DevOps

Service virtualization is particularly useful in DevOps, where teams need to rapidly deliver new features and updates. By mocking out dependencies, teams can avoid the delays caused by waiting for other teams’ code to be completed. This speeds up the overall delivery process and helps teams to meet their deadlines.

Service virtualization can also help to reduce the risk of errors in code, as developers can test their code against a known set of data. This can help to find and fix bugs before they cause problems in production. Overall, service virtualization is a valuable tool for DevOps teams, who need to work quickly and efficiently. Allowing developers to work independently and mock out dependencies, it helps teams to deliver new features faster and with fewer errors.

Benefits of Virtualization Services

  • Enable Continuous Testing
    Continuous deployment demands continuous testing against highly-available systems and at every stage of software development. Service virtualization assures the systems remain available for testing at all times

  • Test and development on a parallel basis
    It allows multiple developments and testing teams to work simultaneously

  • Reduced infrastructure
    Reduce the demands for environments caused by the high-speed development and testing process

  • Improved Testing Coverage
    Create difficult-to-copy application state and performance issues within your application, allowing your development team to design flexible fallbacks and your testers to create difficult test scenarios

  • Reduce third-party Service Cost
    It saves money by simulating required third-party services


Deliver your Software on Time with Higher Reliability

Cogniwize’s virtualization Services allow the tester or developer to integrate automated testing into software development while providing reliable and secure services when required. Our team has worked closely with enterprises to offer service virtualization testing solutions and effectively reproduce virtual assets to automate integration, performance, and regression testing.

What We Do

By optimizing the latest methodologies and tools for digital testing and QA, Cogniwize has been a trusted partner for industries across verticals.
Here’s how we work to support enterprises to maximize the advantages of Service Virtualization:


Expedite cycle times and cut costs by swiftly stimulating and managing test environments


Application of the industry’s leading Service Virtualization tools and an extensive range of industry-particular accelerator kits


Enables a tester to use any virtual service by developing a Service Virtualization Portal


Use real-life conditions to practice parallel development and testing


Utilize the available app development and integration platforms and eliminate the demand for software and infrastructure lab


Enhance their employment of test automation

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