Big Data and Analytics Testing

Big Data and Analytics Testing

Analyze your Huge Business Data Sets with Big Data Testing Services

Ensure that your Big Data application meets all the business requirements

Analyze your Huge Business Data Sets with Big Data Testing Services

Ensure that your Big Data application meets all the business requirements

Comprehensive Big Data and Analytics Testing Services

Testing Big Data applications is more a verification of its data processing rather than testing the individual features of the software product. When it comes to big data testing, performance and functional testing are the key focus areas. Our Big Data Testing Experts have extensive experience in working with different types of data and databases. They understand the intricacies involved in testing big data applications and can help you ensure that your application is performing as expected. In addition to performance and functional testing, our experts can also help with load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing.

Big Data Testing Challenges

Understanding Data

The continuous validation and monitoring of the 4Vs of Data –Variety, Volume, Value, and Velocity- is an effective testing strategy. But the real question lies in identifying the data and its effect on the business. Therefore, testers need to comprehend business rules and the association between various data divisions, along with their connection between multiple data sets and how it benefits the business users.

Data Collection and Deployment

Enterprises need AI-based predictive analytics testing to take decisive actions effectively. This allows them to analyze the patterns found in large data sets and extract insights. Correct decisions can’t be made if the apps and data feeds are not tested and certified for live deployment.

Migrating Data

Many risks are associated with migrating data. These include data integration problems, downtime, loss, disruption, and data integration challenges. Data Migration Testing is used to verify the functionality and non-functional aspects after migration.

Real-time Scaling Challenges

Big Data apps must match the data processing and scalability required in each scenario. An error in Big Data app architecture can have severe business consequences. The software testing that uses smarter data sampling and cataloging techniques as well as high-end Big Data performance testing capabilities is essential to address the scalability issues of Big Data apps.

Lack of Technical Expertise

For enterprises, it is essential to ensure coordination between the testing, developing, and marketing teams to understand data mining from different sources, data sorting, and before and after processing of algorithms. In addition, businesses ought to invest in training programs for Big Data to build test automation solutions.

Big Data Service Catalogue



Big Data Sources Extraction Testing

Performance Testing

Data Migration Testing

Security Testing

Big Data Ecosystem Testing

Data Analytics & Visualizations Testing

Our Capabilities

Effective Knowledge
Management to Upskill

Cogniwize’s training frameworks enable faster upscale. In addition, users find its Big Data lab and its Knowledge Management portals helpful since they can train well and produce (PoC) proof of concepts for detailed client interactions.

Validate Data
Touch Points

Framework for Big Data testing on Hadoop architecture, where we compare the source data by pushing it into the Hadoop system to ensure they match.

Our framework supports to:

  • Pre-Hadoop process validation
  • Hadoop Map Reduce process validation
  • ETL process validation
  • Analytical reports validation

Tools and Accelerators
to Improve Productivity

In-house utilities/ Customizable MapReduce and Pig Latin scripting templates increase Productivity by 10%. Allows data migration testing between the EDWs and Big Data store and supports automatic data quality testing of Big Data stores.

Key Benefits of Our Big Data Automation Testing

Cogniwize’s Automation Testing solution validates unstructured and structured data sets, plans, tactics, and fundamental practices within different sources in your application.
We can:


Improved Business

Our comprehensive data quality analysis techniques ensure you get the right kind of quality data to analyze all sorts of risks, thus helping users to make informed decisions.


Minimizes Losses and
Increases Revenues

Our custom-made Map Reduce automation scripting and & Pig Latin automation scripting templates examine filter conditions a lot quicker than any other templates in the market. This isolates the various data types to improve customer relationship management, increase effort savings, and reduce time-to-market by 20%.



We help businesses to reduce time-to-market by 15% by creating better strategies and enhancing market goals.



Enterprises leverage our top-of-the-line in-house data conversion, discrepancy, and reporting services to enhance testing productivity by up to 30%, thus reducing the total cost of quality.

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