A Guide to ServiceNow Testing and Best Practices for 2023

A Guide to ServiceNow Testing and Best Practices for 2023


ServiceNow Testing is an important part of your organization’s IT infrastructure. It helps to ensure that the services you provide are stable and reliable. However, testing can be time-consuming and expensive, which makes it necessary to consider the best practices for ServiceNow testing in 2023. This article will explain what type of testing is appropriate for your organization in 2023, how to choose a method based on your needs, and how to make sure that you are doing it right.

What is ServiceNow Testing?

ServiceNow is a software platform that helps organizations automate business processes and deliver better service to customers. It is used to manage everything from customer interactions, to employee records and benefits administration.

ServiceNow provides tools for testing your ServiceNow implementation as well as ongoing maintenance of your deployment.

See How our testing experts test ServiceNow Paas application.

See How our testing experts test ServiceNow Paas application.

What are the Different Types of ServiceNow Testing Types?

Manual Testing

Manual testing is the most basic form of ServiceNow testing. In this type of test, you manually load and execute an application on a machine or virtual machine (VM). You can also perform manual tests using your own computer with a local copy of ServiceNow as well as using a remote-control tool such as TeamViewer or Webex for remote access to your server.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is automated by using scripts that are written in programming languages like Python and Java to automate repetitive tasks such as executing commands related to testing applications under test (AUT). The advantage with automated tests is that they allow you to run multiple iterations faster than manual tests because there is no human intervention involved in running them; however, there are limitations on what kind of scripts can be used since some conditions require direct interaction from humans before execution can begin (e.g., “yes/no” questions).

What are the Best Practices in ServiceNow?

  1. Test early: ServiceNow testing can be done with developers, operations teams and security teams. Each group has different needs so they should be involved in the testing process as well. If you have many people using your solutions then it’s important to get feedback from them on how they feel about the product or service before releasing it into production environments.
  2. Test often: There are two ways to go about this type of testing; manual or automated tests. Manual testing involves someone manually running through all possible scenarios while automated means running scripts against a set number of databases (or users).
  3. Test before release: This is where we introduce our new feature into our existing solution so that we can see if there are any issues ahead of time before deploying them into production environments which could cause problems down road if not caught early enough by other groups within IT departments like Operations or Security Teams working together closely together during this period when developing new features/feature sets each month/year etcetera.

How to Choose a ServiceNow Testing Method for Your Organization in 2023?

There are many ways to test and monitor the performance of your ServiceNow environment to ensure its stability and reliability, which can be done using different types of testing methods:

  1. Application Performance Test (APT) – This type of monitoring involves running tests on an application’s functionality based on actual conditions in order to determine if it meets its defined requirements or not;
  2. Systematic Validation (SV) – Another type of testing method involves performing functional testing against specific functionalities such as creating users, creating groups etc., while investigating whether any issues occur during usage;
  3. Regression Testing – This refers to retesting once changes have been made after they were initially approved by management so as not only find out what went wrong but also how we avoid future problems from occurring again during live operations/deployments.”


ServiceNow has a very large following and huge community, which leads to ServiceNow being a reliable platform for enterprise projects. However, it’s not perfect and there are some best practices that you should follow when testing the product.

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