Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) Setup

Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) Setup

Increase the QA Efficiency of Your Software with Testing CoE

Standardized the testing process to ensure the quality of critical business processes and systems

Increase the QA Efficiency of Your Software with Testing CoE

Standardized the testing process to ensure the quality of critical business processes and systems

Enhance the Testing Capabilities with Testing CoE

Testing professionals are under constant pressure to cut down on development time without compromising quality. Quality assurance methods used in the past have failed because they cannot meet the demands of delivering robust, time-bound, and efficient software. For this reason, Companies are increasingly turning to centralized testing services to enhance the QA testing services.

Cogniwize’s distinctive Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) services bring together a profound sense of industry-wide top practices and years of knowledge in software testing services delivery. We have instituted TCoE Software around Performance, Mobile, and Security Testing. Our clients have leveraged the dedicated labs set up within the organization by securing great benefits from their QA investment. Our unique TCoE Services not only take the end on QA ownership but also offer complimentary testing R&D knowledge with the help of test accelerators and IP.

Our Centres of Excellence Services

  • Well-planned Consultancy Services :

We provide designing, development and deployment of testing solutions like QA, auditing, testing organization strategy and customizing TCoE.

  • Test Process Advisory Services :

With the help of the TPI framework, we provide a maturity assessment and guide on performance to speed up process improvement.

  • Test Management, Engineering, and Execution :

This service comprises extensive testing exposure and test automation throughout the distribution lifecycle.

  • Managed Testing Services :

Provide appropriately skilled resources in the right place and at the right time to optimize the return on investments.

Benefits of Implementing Our TCoE Services

Cogniwize’s TCoE services have always met and surpassed the needs of businesses across the board. The key identifiers of that are:

  • We offer highly responsive and agile testing services.

  • One-location testing experts & access to a high-quality software testing pool

  • Our trademarked test platform provides IP-led testing services

  • Enhanced administration, test planning, reporting and governance

  • Up to 40% reduction in total software testing cost

  • The need for costly testing infrastructure reduces significantly.

  • TCoE setup for large corporations with proven expertise

  • Flexibility for a quick bump up and bump down.


Why Choose Us?

A TCoE is a one-time investment in time, resources and effort. It offers a great return on investment. Organizations that adopt TCoE report an average cost reduction rate of 45% in 3 years. TCoE also provides more flexibility for QA and allows you to create a continuous improvement process that is driven by metrics.
Cogniwize’s TCoE service combines industry knowledge and in software testing services delivery. We not only manage the entire QA process but also offer complimentary testing R&D expertise through IP and accelerators.
Here are some of the reasons why enterprises like yours are switching to Cogniwize’s TCoE:


Bridging Gaps

We deploy code quickly, so the development team doesn’t have to spend days testing it. Furthermore, we make sure that the Testing is a quick and constructive process, making the project significant in today’s modern testing environment.



Considering our goal-oriented process, the team gets a higher opportunity to improve their skills and specialize as per specific project requirements. Moreover, in the long run, this makes the process more cost-efficient due to the task optimization that was implemented by the TCoE team.



In the conventional QA format, the urgency of quick deployment has resulted in the quality analyst missing critical bugs. This led to an increase in flawed applications and software in the market. Such bugs and errors would tarnish the user experience and the organization’s credibility. However, incorporating our TCoE’s digital strategy that includes process, platforms, and digital tools has helped identify these bugs and glitches in the early testing phases.

Our TCoE Setup Process

The success of our TCoE process depends on the below factors:

Setup a robust
all-around team

A Robotic Operating Team encompasses many characterized jobs and responsibilities that circulate the idea of quality across the system and makes sure that it is followed meticulously. As a result, this group can make several changes while implementing TCoE’s best practices.

Vision clarity for
your testing attempts

It is essential to converse and set a roadmap and a vision to improve quality throughout the organizations. Cogniwize has mastered in Center of Excellence setup in addition to training groups for programming development.

Measuring the

After successful setup, training and certification of the TCoE and the team, the next step is to establish, measure, and examine crucial performance indicators and holding routine review calls that includes the relevant investors and create a performance structure. This can come in handy in resource redistribution in a practical manner and create an agile growth plan for the organization.

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