Snowflake Testing

Snowflake Testing

Simplify all your Data Testing Challenges with Snowflake Testing Services

Improve the efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your quality assurance processes

Simplify all your Data Testing Challenges with Snowflake Testing Services

Improve the efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your quality assurance processes

Snowflake Testing: Data on One Platform

There was a time when setting up a data warehouse was costly as it needed a hardware appliance that was specifically designed to run on your data centre. But today, all you need is Snowflake – a data warehouse presented as software-as-a-service (SaaS). The critical difference between Snowflake and other conventional data warehouses is that it separates data storage and evaluation handling.

Cogniwize’s great data platform presents complete regression, performance, and functional testing abilities for your Snowflake projects. We also offer a wide range of test automation tools and services. Our team of experienced testers will work with you to understand your needs and create a customized test plan that meets your specific requirements. We will then execute the plan and provide you with detailed reports on our findings.

Key Features of Snowflake Testing

Move to Any Cloud

Snowflake has an interchangeable and shared codebase, which gives global data duplication, ensuring your data can move to any cloud in any area without re-coding your applications to understand additional skills.

Streamline Data

With data warehousing, you can enjoy unparalleled scalability and performance while the data in your data stream benefit from streamlined data engineering and robust channels.

Diverse Data Support

Both structured and semi-structured data are locally loaded and optimized through the Snowflake system, making it accessible without affecting flexibility or performance.

Hands-off Management

As Snowflake runs in the cloud, there’s no physical setup that needs your time or resource to handle it. Instead, optimization, infrastructure, data accessibility, and data security are all managed automatically.

Storage and Support

The platform allows you to automatically measure and support numerous workloads, data, and simultaneous applications and users without moving or copying any data.


With the help of the multi-collection shared data structure, you can build your own personal data exchanges that can be shared and collaborated with employees, key stakeholders, dealers, and partners within a data hub that’s centrally operated.

Key Benefits of Snowflake Testing


Performance and Speed

Due to the flexible nature of the cloud, you scale up your virtual warehouse to benefit from the additional resources for fasting data load or running queries of higher volume. You can always scale it down after, only pay for the time utilized.


Storage and Support

Structured and semi-structured data can be merged, analyzed, and loaded into the cloud database without transforming or converting into a fixed relational plan because Snowflake automatically enhances data queried and stored.


Concurrency and Availability

With a conventional data warehouse and many users or use incidents, many resources are being used by queries resulting in setbacks or breakdowns. Snowflake’s exclusive multi-cluster virtual architecture never disturbs the queries from another. As a result, data experts and data engineers can get what they need without waiting for any processing and loading tasks to finish.


Unified data Sharing

Snowflake’s setup allows unified data sharing among its users and any other data consumer, even if they are not a Snowflake customer. This is done through reader accounts created from the user interface.


Availability and Security

Snowflake is distributed across all available platform zones that it is run on and is intended to operate endlessly by enduring elements and network breakdowns with marginal effect on clients.

Our Snowflake Migration Testing Services

Cogniwize provides the necessary testing throughout the entire migration process from start to finish. The migration automatically identifies accidental changes from the old to the new data process. Once you are set up on Snowflake, you can use the same assessments to recognize when ongoing system alterations compromise your procedures and information.

  • Quick scale testing of your migration from any other database
  • Create tests for 1000’s tables within minutes
  • Create data validation reports to sign off on the migration process
  • Combine the data pipeline via planning or scheduling tools

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