IT Automation

IT Automation

Automate Tedious Tasks of IT

Are you an IT administrator? Automate your tasks to save time with our software

Automate Tedious Tasks of IT

Are you an IT administrator? Automate your tasks to save time with our software

What is Automation

Automation is a process that allows you to perform the same tasks repeatedly with minimal input from you. In other words, it lets you use your computer or other device to automatically do things for you.

Why Ivanti Automation

Routine manual tasks consume IT and service desk resources and limit your team members’ ability to move ahead with higher-impact strategic projects. With Ivanti automation you can:

  • Increase IT productivity and efficiency
  • Streamline complex operations
  • Help free IT staff for strategic projects
  • Control who makes changes to the IT environment
  • Increase security
  • Save costs

Benefits of Our IT Automation

  • Empowers IT to automate routine and manual tasks.

  • Accelerates ROI from existing technology investments through integration.

  • Quickly gives people access to the digital resources they need to do their jobs with appropriate approach.

  • Enforces essential security and compliance policies.

  • Shifts IT spending to more strategic projects.

  • Optimizes the service desk to reduce or eliminate ticket-resolution times.

  • Create simple and effective modules to perform specific activities.

  • Use parameters to make modules generic and reusable.

  • Schedule task to an agent or group of agents (teams).

  • Schedule to perform tasks locally through agents.

  • Combine multiple modules into projects and runbooks.

  • Use parameters to make runbooks generic and reusable.

  • Schedule task in a specific order on multiple computers.

  • Expedites the transition of on-premises or virtual workloads to the cloud

Key Features

Create and execute tasks and queries according to defined processes.

Use existing scripts and make them repeatable, sharable, and fully automated.

Export modules and run books for easy backup and transition through dev, testing, and production.

Control exactly when changes will be executed within the infrastructure.

Support complex changes across multiple systems in sequence.

Connect with Ivanti products plus a growing library of third-party cloud and premise enterprise applications including ITSM, ITAM, Security, virtualization and cloud provisioning, and SaaS apps.

View recorded activity to prove exactly when tasks were executed, by whom, and origin of the request.

Automation Use Cases

Automation is a way to take manual, time-consuming tasks and make them automated. It reduces costs and increases productivity by reducing the amount of labour required to complete the task. This is especially true if you are looking to automate your IT processes.

Automation can be applied across all industries, but it is especially useful in organizations that have many repetitive tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. If an organization has multiple departments within their business that require automation, then it makes sense for them to use Ivanti’s Automation toolset which includes tools such as Workflow Manager, Syslog Manager and more.