How to Integrate Testlink with Mantis Bug Tracker

How to Integrate Testlink with Mantis Bug Tracker

Mentis and Testlink Integration

Mantis Bug Tracker: What is it?

For a variety of software projects, Mantis is an open-source bug tracking tool that may be used to monitor software defects. One can easily download it and use the Mantis by installing it. As an open-source bug tracking software, Mantis BT is an excellent tool. An open architecture with customization options and a plug-in system provides the opportunity to adapt the tool to your needs and expand its functionality as needed. MantisBT supports sending email notifications of changes to system issues. Users can specify the type of email they receive and set filters to define the minimum severity of problems receiving notifications. Users also have the option to explicitly subscribe to issues that affect them.

What is Testlink?

Test-Link is the most widely used open-source web-based test management tool. It supports both automated and manual execution of Test cases. Testers can use this tool to create test plans and test reports in a fraction of the time. It supports test reports in various formats such as Excel, MS Word, and HTML. Testlink helps you track all QA activity from the first phase of your software testing lifecycle. It is also used in Project Management, Task Tracking, Requirement Management and Test Management. It provides free access to tools for multiple users and can be integrated with many other tools – JIRA, Bugzilla, FogBugz, VersionOne, etc.

TestLink and MantisBT Integration

Getting Started by Installing the Testlink. There are several ways to download and install the TestLink tool. TestLink is a web-based tool. The tool can be installed on the LAMP / WAMP stack.

Install Requirements

  • Machine with OS: Windows 7/10/11 machine / Linux Distribution
  • Web server: Apache 2.x or higher/ IIS 3 or later
  • Scripting Language: PHP 5.x or higher version.
  • Databases: MySQL 4.x or later/PostgreSQL 8.x or later

WAMP Stack

To install TestLink we need the following components on the WAMP Stack:

  • Install Apache Web Server: One can navigate to the official Apache server website: Select the latest version and download it. On the download page, make sure that you select Files for Microsoft Windows.
  • PHP Installation on Windows: You can download PHP from the URL:
  • Install Database for example MySQL: MySQL Community Server is the world’s most popular open-source database. You can download the latest version from

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Download TestLink on Windows

Over the years, many open-source projects have moved to repository hosting services like GitHub. TestLink is hosted on SourceForge and GitHub repositories. One can download the TestLink tool either from GitHub or SourceForge.

  • 1. GitHub

Download or clone a TestLink development instance from your GitHub repository. Visit the TestLink GitHub repository: https: //

  • 2. SourceForge

Alternatively, you can download the TestLink package from SourceForge. SourceForge is an open-source community and it provides tools and hosting services for open-source development and community engagement. You can download this tool from the SourceForge link below:

Once all the downloads are completed, we can go ahead and integrate Mantis with Testlink. The steps involved to integrate TestLink and MantisBT tool are shown below:

  • Launch the TestLink tool
  • From the dashboard, click the Issue Tracker Management link.
  • Once you click it, this will launch the Issue Trackers page.
  • Further, click the Create button to create a new integration.
  • TestLink supports three different interfaces for Mantis integration. {DB, SOAP, REST}. For example, select the REST API and select the type as mantis (interface: rest).

Further, we need to perform XML Configuration

  • Click the Configuration sample link on the page to get the configuration XML. Edit the XML after copying it to the MantisBT instance.
  • You may need to modify this XML configuration depending on your environment.
  • Change the uribase and uriview parameters depending on the Mantis BT you are connecting to.



Issue tracker

  • API token must be provided in the MANTIS API TOKEN in the configuration XML.
  • Open a MantisBT instance and log in. Go to the My Account page by clicking. To access the My Account page, click the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  • Click on the API Tokens tab. My Account >> API Tokens
  • Enter the token name and click the [Create API Token] button. The next screen shows the API token. Copy the API token and save it in a safe place. Mantis displays the token only once.
  • Click on the Save button to save the changes.

Check the Connection:

Click the Check connection button to verify the connection. The connection should be in a green, i.e OK. If the Test Connection message is KO, we need to troubleshoot.

Issue Tracker Integration

We must link the Test Project to the Issue tracker.

  • In the TestLink Dashboard, click the Test Project Management link. Either a new project can be started or the issue tracker can be added to an existing project.
  • Edit the Test Project after choosing it.
  • Select the Mantis issue tracker from the drop-down list in the Issue Tracker Integration section, then check the Active box.
  • To activate the Issue tracker integration in the Project, click the Save button.
  • You can link bugs or create new bugs directly from the test run report of Mantis BT’s TestLink tool.